Happy weekend!

On the agenda today: NOT SPENDING MY WHOLE MORNING ON PINTEREST AND ETSY!!!!!!!!!!! I blame my fiance. Yes, it is alllllll his fault. You see, the last few weekends he has gone off cycling in the mornings and leaves me home alone. Which I actually quite enjoy. I have a leisurely morning, with my three … Continue reading

Life is good!

Well, it’s almost Friday and my 30 Day Paleo Challenge is in full effect and I have been very a good girl. I am really quite proud of myself! I know, I know, it’s only been a few days but we have chips, chocolate, and other goodies in our cupboards and I haven’t even been … Continue reading

30 Day Paleo Challenge!

On August 18th, I will become a WIFE! That is less than TWO months away. Very scary exciting stuff!!!!! Because I want to look smokin’ hot in my wedding dress, I have decided to do a  30 Day Paleo Challenge starting today. My eating has been pretty good recently but I feel like I eat too many … Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! It is a gorgeous morning here in Medellin and it is yet another long weekend (told you!) I am off to the club for a morning workout followed by different errands. We have a busy weekend planned. The highlight being our chiva party tomorrow night with a bunch of our closest friends! … Continue reading

It’s the simple things that matter

Yesterday was a great day. Actually it was better than great. I would have to say it was one of the best days I have had since arriving in Medellin. Marcos Kaseman is from Fairport, New York. He started Angeles de Medellin (Angels of Medellin) in March 2006. Marcos works Monday through Friday (and the … Continue reading

Another great long weekend in Medellin

I am very aware it is almost Wednesday and I am just now doing a weekend windup….what can I say, we were busy! It was a long weekend (yet again) in Medellin (there are roughly 286 holidays here…) But seriously. There are a TON of long weekends in Medellin. Friday night Mateo and I had … Continue reading

Short & sweet

Nothing overly exciting to report – no more stitches and woundsy moments for this girl! It is a glorious morning here in Medellin and I wanted to post something short and sweet to kick-start the weekend. I am sure we have all heard of Pinterest. I know some folk are totally, utterly obssesed with this … Continue reading

Livin’ the life!

Last week I got stitches. These stitches were a result of me thinking I could fly (which is obviously not the case…..) These moments of stupidity are often referred to as “hammock moments,” “blonde moments,” and very recently, “woundsy moments” by my dear family and friends — good thing I love them! Yesterday I dragged my dear friend, … Continue reading

What are you thankful for?

What a busy past few days!!! I was going to give you a little re-cap yesterday but somehow the day got away on us. We had a great weekend with Mateo’s parents (Brian & Sheila). On Saturday, I drove them up to the finca for their horseback riding adventure. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it … Continue reading